AmTrav Booking Platform Is Now NDC-Ready

Travel management company AmTrav has announced upgrades to its corporate booking solution to continue delivering travelers and corporate travel customers the full selection of American Airlines’ flights and lowest fares, even as the carrier changes how its flights can be booked through third-party corporate booking platforms starting April.

In a bid to modernize the shopping experience for travelers, American Airlines recently mandated that all travel agencies use “New Distribution Capability” (NDC) technology to shop and sell American flights by April 3, 2023. NDC was developed by airlines to distribute fares, offers, and other products online faster and with more transparency than the previous travel technology. For those booking tools not connected, travelers will lose access to up to 40 percent of American’s lowest fares and face the tough choice: book higher American fares with their current provider in order to maintain spend and safety visibility or let travelers book lower American fares outside the system, but lose spend and safety visibility.

Although many legacy travel management companies (TMCs) have resisted transitioning—citing the difficulty and complexity—AmTrav has been an outspoken proponent of modernization for many years. In 2019, AmTrav became the first business travel platform to process NDC bookings with American and is one among a handful of providers ready to provide uninterrupted access to American’s lowest fares.

With its latest enhancements, AmTrav’s “NDC ready” solution brings business travelers and their companies:

  • Lower fares on American – Booking tools that have not tapped into American’s NDC content will be more expensive 40 percent of the time.
  • Access to all of American’s fare brands – Compare and choose from the full menu of American’s offerings, including the new “Main Plus” and “Main Select” bundles which include free extra legroom seats, among other benefits.
  • Full choice of seats – Get access to every available seat, including “Preferred” and “Main Cabin Extra,” with perks from your AAdvantage status (if applicable) automatically factored in.
  • Personalized comparison-shopping – A complete comparison-shopping experience to help travelers make smart choices with details, photos and reviews to inform fare rules, fees, seat size, Wi-Fi, entertainment and more.
  • Full visibility and control – Like any other booking, American NDC bookings work seamlessly with AmTrav’s real-time reporting, travel policy and approval flows, unused ticket tracking, and traveler locator services, keeping travel managers and C-suite execs happy.

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