Fox World Travel Expanding Global Services With BCD Travel

U.S. travel management company Fox World Travel is expanding its global travel services in partnership with BCD Travel, an international travel management company (TMC). As the demand for travel increases, so does the demand for mid-market sized boutique service, which is what Fox World Travel provides alongside its more than 15-year partnership with BCD Travel. This partnership allows for travel management support on an international level with the backing of the global scale BCD Travel brings; providing companies the best of both worlds as they look to resurrect their travel programs.

"Fox World Travel understands that many organizations trying to revive and revise their travel services on a global level appreciate a mid-market TMC that is right-sized for their program, yet delivers scale and consistency across multinational markets," said George Kalka, vice president of business travel for Fox World Travel, in a press release. "Having introduced several new global customers since the onset of the pandemic, Fox has demonstrated we are not only committed to global support, but stronger than ever, thanks to our partnership with BCD and our approach for companies who are navigating a new international landscape."

While the travel industry continues to recover, the mid-market sized TMCs have undergone substantial shrinkage via businesses folding or through mega-sized TMC acquisition. Fox World Travel, on the other hand, continues its growth and focus on the under-served mid-market needs of clients across the globe through personal service, an emphasis on traveler experience and technology innovations.

“Over the course of the last 15-plus years, BCD Travel and Fox World Travel have focused on the global relationship and technologies that bring value to the customer and success to the partnership,” added Kathy Bedell, senior vice president of the BCD Travel Americas and affiliate program. “Throughout our partnership, it is very clear that Fox World Travel has a passion to make a difference and a vision for achieving positive change in our industry and for their clients with the commitment to make it happen.”

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