Crystal Springs Resort Launches Sustainable Initiatives

Crystal Springs Resort is calling eco-conscious travelers and meeting planners to the Jersey countryside in 2023 as sustainable travel remains a top focus and need. The resort, located in Sussex County, NJ, is committed to initiatives of sustainability and environmental stewardship across its various venues, including its two hotels, two spas, six golf courses and 10 restaurants. Here are some of the highlights:

Crystal Springs has the largest resort-based solar farm in the northeast. It comprises 19,000 solar panels on 25 acres, generating 3.5 megawatts annually. This output is greater than the combined power consumption of the resort’s two hotels. 

It additionally offers sustainability-themed team-building and group activity programs including “Solar Farm Education,” “Bee Hive Box Build,” “Foraging with the Botanical Hiker,” “Food Preservation Workshops” and more. And, through such offerings as its “Harvest Trail” package, the resort encourages guests to patronize local businesses such as farms, markets, orchards, wineries, breweries, cider houses and distilleries throughout the scenic Sussex Skylands and Warwick Valley Black Dirt Region.

Chef's Garden_Crystal Springs Resort_New Jersey
Chef's Garden (Crystal Springs Resort)

Crystal Springs Resort collaborates with neighboring growers and producers yielding over 200 locally sourced ingredients incorporated into its menus across 10 seasonal restaurants. There's also a kitchen waste management program designed to utilize peels, trimmings and bones in creative and flavorful ways, resulting in stocks, cures and fermentations. Additionally, culinary leadership regularly undertakes a dedicated monitoring of inventory, food use levels, daily consumption and recipe management.

Crystal Springs Resort formed a partnership with Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) and the New Jersey Audubon Society to create the Black Bear Pollinator Corridor, a habitat for bees, butterflies and birds on one of our six golf courses. The resort has a membership on the New Jersey Audubon Corporate Stewardship Council, which emphasizes voluntary environmental stewardship, sustainability, habitat conservation partnerships and public education.

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