What to Expect at IMEX Frankfurt

One of the first things IMEX Frankfurt attendees will notice online and when they arrive at the show at Messe Frankfurt is that some serious shape-shifting has taken place. The IMEX team has worked for nearly 18 months to design and debut a new visual treatment—a brand refresh—set to go live on May 22. 

The brand review process was conducted by IMEX’s in-house design team led by Design Manager, Anna Gyseman. Gyseman was a seminal member of the team that launched Grazia magazine into the UK market. As ‘honest critics’ she successfully recruited ex-colleagues Tony Chambers, former editor and creative director of Wallpaper magazine; Suzanne Sykes, award-winning creative director, graphic designer and brand innovator; and Jonathan Clayton-Jones, creative director at the Telegraph Group.

Using the latest inclusive design principles, the team created a soft brown tone affectionately called ‘IMEX biscuit’ for use instead of classic white as a background color. This non-stimulating, neurodiversity-friendly color makes readability easier for a broader range of people. 

Given the importance of online expression for a global brand, IMEX also has a unique sonic logo for the first time. Developed with the help of Brighton, UK-based Buff Motion, the soundtrack cleverly builds anticipation of people coming together for a big event and knowingly embraces the fact that humans the world over celebrate community in the same way—with their hands and voices. 

IMEX’s design manager, Anna Gyseman and UX designer, Oli Bailey will share insights into the design process and journey behind the new branding in: IMEX: Behind the curtain—Event design and measurement on Thursday, May 25 at IMEX Frankfurt.

IMEX Frankfurt takes place May 23–25, 2023. For more information, visit www.imex-frankfurt.com

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