Silk Road Samarkand Tourist Center Opens in Uzbekistan

Management company Silk Road Samarkand has announced that the largest tourist complex in Central Asia has been inaugurated. Local and international top brass, diplomats, academicians and cultural dignitaries graced the ceremony, with the country’s president, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, officiating. The event was in the "Eternal City," which spans over 17 hectares and is the centerpiece of the complex that is sprawled across more than 260 hectares. The "Eternal City," created and curated by Uzbek artist Bobur Ismoilov, will offer guests an opportunity to explore a combination of Hellenistic and Islamic cultures constituting the diversity of Uzbekistan’s ancient heritage. The area hosts art galleries and workshops of artisans from across the country, with more than 100 masters currently in residence.

The Eco Village at the complex is a blend of sustainable wooden architecture and modern comforts. It will be available to visitors as accommodation. Other facilities include swimming pools and fully equipped kitchens. Visitors will also have access to pedestrian and bicycle paths, roads, canals, bridges, parks, recreational and wellness spaces, medical facilities and the Congress Hall.

Artyom Yegikyan, general director of the management company, Silk Road Samarkand, said: “Three years on from the commencement of works, with trepidation and pride, we are now on the threshold of the opening of the Silk Road Samarkand tourist center. I am sure this unique tourist complex will become a model of world-class hospitality for the entire Central Asia. The opening of Silk Road Samarkand is a significant event not only for the people involved in its creation, but also for the country in general.”

Enter Engineering, the general contractor for the project, oversaw construction, electrical installation works and landscaping of the territory. More than 10,000 specialists were involved in the design and construction of the $580 million project.

The opening festivities culminated in a theatrical performance in two parts, first immersing viewers on the streets, and then merging into a large-scale theatrical show on the Eternal City’s main stage, transformed into the observatory of historic Uzbek luminary Mirzo Ulugbek. Produced by a team of Uzbek and international choreographers, artists, directors, and technical specialists, the show paid homage to historical traditions, culture and the modern aspirations of the nation.

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