Kudos Travel Technology Launches Carbon Mitigation Feature

Australian-based Kudos Travel Technology has partnered with Sustainable Travel International to enhance its sustainable travel solutions and make it easier for users to engage in climate action. Kudos’ integration with Sustainable Travel International’s API allows companies and individual employees to offset their business travel carbon footprint from within the Kudos Travel Platform.

The new carbon offsetting feature works hand-in-hand with Kudos’ existing carbon calculation functionality, giving users a way to mitigate the environmental impact of their travel. By offsetting their travel carbon footprint, users support Sustainable Travel International’s Climate Impact Portfolio, which, in turn, allows users to support a global mix of projects that address climate change from multiple angles. For instance, projects might protect the Amazon from deforestation, restore mangroves in coastal areas, generate clean energy in place of fossil fuels or deploy innovative technologies that permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere. These projects are verified by third-party standards to ensure their integrity and are curated by Sustainable Travel International to maximize the buyer’s positive impact.

Key features of the Kudos user experience include:

  • Travel Emissions Calculation – Travelers can quickly assess their personal carbon footprint of air, hotel and car travel. Additionally, companies can view and compare their organization’s emissions to industry averages and use this data to reduce their footprint by factoring sustainability into their travel decisions.
  • Carbon Offsetting – After viewing their footprint, companies can elect to neutralize it in just a few clicks. Users simply click a link next to their carbon footprint and complete the offset purchase directly through the platform, receiving a certificate from Sustainable Travel International upon completion. The platform enables users to track their impact over time by displaying how much CO2 they’ve neutralized to date.
  • Climate Impact Portfolio Allocation – During the carbon-offsetting process, users are presented with a breakdown of Sustainable Travel International’s current Climate Impact Portfolio, which their purchase will support. This details the allocation between the four project types: forestry, energy, blue/teal carbon and innovative climate tech, as well as the specific projects included in the portfolio.
  • Transparent Reporting & Communications – Users who offset their emissions will receive an impact report and marketing toolkit from Sustainable Travel International. This provides additional information about each project the user supported as well as resources to help them communicate their positive impact.

According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of travel buyers are currently tracking emissions from their business travel program, while less than a quarter (23 percent) are offsetting them. 

For more information, visit www.kudos.travel.

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