Amadeus to Develop Travel Tech with Microsoft & Accenture

As part of its ongoing partnerships strategy, Amadeus is working with Microsoft and Accenture to develop new AI-powered integrations between its travel and expense platform Cytric Easy and Microsoft 365.

Accenture, together with Avanade, is working with Amadeus to develop and pilot the travel assistant. Integrated with Amadeus’ Cytric Easy platform, the assistant will align travelers’ preferences with employers’ policies for a more efficient and cost-effective experience. The generative AI-powered interactive assistant will leverage Microsoft technologies, including GPT models from Azure Open AI Service, Microsoft 365 and Teams, to assist corporate travelers with elements of their journey, from planning, booking and pre-departure, through to the trip and post-trip. In a conversational style, the chatbot will ask for clarifications and make suggestions to propose the most appropriate travel or travel itinerary options.

Amadeus is also working with Microsoft on a new plugin for Microsoft 365 Copilot, which brings the power of next-generation AI to Microsoft’s workplace productivity tool. Currently in development, the Cytric Easy plugin for Microsoft 365 Copilot could make it easy for colleagues to quickly match and book travel itineraries in a single, sophisticated workflow within Microsoft 365 using natural language prompts. This integration could further streamline the travel journey to deliver an intelligent, and contextually aware end-user experience.

The collaboration is part of a wider vision to transform business travel, as well as ensuring that the generative AI solutions can be responsibly built and scaled globally. The three technology leaders are joining forces to create hyper-personalized and hyper-contextualized journeys, designed to drive maximum value from each trip, within Microsoft 365 and Teams.

By drawing on Amadeus’ knowledge of the travel ecosystem and harnessing Cytric’s content and knowledge of the traveler as well as information on corporate booking policies and preferences, these new AI-powered tools aim to make the business travel booking experience more intuitive.

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