Airwise Travel Launches Corporate Travel Platform

Airwise Travel, a provider of sustainable corporate travel solutions, has announced the launch of new software that empowers businesses to book travel and offset their carbon emissions seamlessly within the platform.

In response to the growing demand for sustainable travel options, Airwise Travel has developed technology that integrates carbon offsetting directly into a booking portal. Through partnerships with carbon offset and carbon absorption providers, businesses can now book travel and purchase carbon credits to offset their emissions from flights, hotels and other travel arrangements all within their bespoke travel portal.

Key features of Airwise Travel’s new platform include:

  • Seamless Integration – Carbon offsetting is seamlessly integrated into the booking portal, simplifying the process for businesses to take action on sustainability
  • Real-Time Tracking – Businesses can track their employees’ corporate travel plans, the costs incurred, their carbon output and their offsetting efforts in real time through Airwise Travel’s intuitive dashboard
  • Partnerships – Airwise Travel has partnered with carbon offset and absorption providers to give businesses a choice of how they offset their emissions and ensure environmental integrity and transparency
  • Bespoke Roadmap – Airwise Travel will work closely with businesses to understand their requirements and customize the platform to meet their reporting needs

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