Volan Technology Unveils Contact Tracing Solution for Meetings

Volan Technology, which provides AI-based safety and contact tracing software, has unveiled its new solution for in-person meetings at the yearly Associated Luxury Hotels International all-staff meeting held in Austin, TX on January 28 – 29 at the Fairmont Austin.

The group of 50 attendees, who serve as the global sales and marketing extension to a portfolio of more than 300 of the world’s most distinguished hospitality brands, were among the first to experience the Volan Positioning System (VPS). The solution is touted as the most accurate and private corporate contact tracing and analytics tool on the market, as well as the first micro-location positioning technology built on Bluetooth 5 mesh network standard.

According to Tony Yousfi, vice president of hospitality sales for Volan Technology, the technology "not only provides critical contact tracing data in seconds, but also advanced analytics that help exhibitors reach top prospects and meeting planners to access data for planning future gatherings."

How it Works

Volan Shields, which are wireless BLE 5 mesh network sensors, are installed without the need for any IT infrastructure modifications. They communicate with small wearable sensors to report individual, 3D location positioning, creating precise contact tracing data of both live and historical room exposures. This gives meeting planners the ability to send risk alerts to a prioritized list of those most exposed in minutes, eliminating the need for mass communications and quarantines, and time-consuming manual tracing. Reports can then be quickly exported and sent to local health departments as needed. The technology also automates occupancy monitoring enforcement by detecting, in real-time, meeting rooms with too many individuals, and sends immediate violation alerts. Volan’s patented Bluetooth 5 mesh network provides this pervasive coverage wirelessly on sites of all sizes, with zero dependency on smartphones, GPS, or the internet.

Exhibitors will have access to ranked booth visitations that can be used to better qualify sales follow-ups and attendee trip reports. Planners also will gain insight into hourly attendance, traffic flow and room occupancies to help shape successful future sessions.

Delivering a product that achieved the highest level of privacy was paramount in Volan’s design, it says. Random ID numbers are assigned through an encrypted iOS app to which only designated administrators have access. All passwords and personal information are managed by the meeting planner or company leader, which means Volan does not collect individual data or have any access to attendee or employee personal information.

Visit www.volantechnology.com

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