United to Offer Loyalty Members Access to App That Fights Jet Lag

United Airlines has inked a new partnership with an app that claims to help travelers fight jet lag, called Timeshifter. Effective immediately, all MileagePlus members will receive access to a free Timeshifter jet lag plan and Premier 1K members will receive a complimentary subscription with unlimited plans. The app is targeted at customers flying across three or more time zones. 

Developed by researchers in sleep and circadian neuroscience, the app uses an algorithm to customize plans for customers based on a number of factors, including their normal sleep pattern, flight details and individual preferences, creating a personalized jet lag alleviation plan. Each plan includes:

  • Instructions for when travelers should prioritize exposure to bright light or avoid it.
  • A sleep and napping schedule based on the customer’s own sleep preferences.
  • A plan to optimize caffeine intake for alertness and sleep.
  • Optional timing for taking melatonin, should travelers choose to do so.

MileagePlus members will receive a free jet lag plan for a flight plan of their choosing in addition to the complimentary trial Timeshifter offers customers for a total of two free flight plans. MileagePlus Premier 1K members will be able to sign up for complimentary annual subscriptions for unlimited access to jet lag plans when they travel. Individual plans for the app retail at $9.99 for a round trip plan and yearly memberships are $24.99.

Earlier this year, United announced that MileagePlus miles no longer expire and partnered with CLEAR to provide members with free or deeply discounted memberships to the expedited security option.

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