Travel Leaders Corporate Travel Advisors Support Call Center for Pandemic Response

Travel Leaders Corporate is redeploying its corporate travel advisors to help New York State residents by scheduling COVID-19 (coronavirus) testing in New York. Courtesy of a relationship with Willow Grove, PA-based AnswerNet, the advisors are handling phone calls and emails of residents who feel they may have symptoms related to coronavirus.

Gabe Rizzi, president and chief sales officer of Travel Leaders Corporate, who calls Travel Leaders’ corporate travel advisors “an extraordinary group of highly trained customer service professionals,” says the network is reallocating the advisors rather than furloughing them, therefore keeping them on payroll.

AnswerNet, a 24/7 call center services company, had a need for professionals experienced with call center customer service, but were able to work remotely.

Currently, more than 120 Travel Leaders Corporate advisors are part of AnswerNet’s 1,000-person team. The advisors, equipped with a telecommunications system, have received training and are now working to schedule necessary COVID-19 testing for New York State residents. 

“We are proud that they can use their skills to help New York and New Yorkers recover from the current situation. To step up to learn new skills and help others when they face the catastrophic impact on their own business lives, shows true dedication and caring for others,” Rizzi said.

Gary Pudles, CEO of AnswerNet, said in a message to the Travel Leaders Corporate team, “We know we’re lucky to have you and we want you to know that we appreciate the important work you do…people like you who show your courage and empathy each and every day by talking to those who are not only sick, but afraid.”


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