Ovation Travel Group Unveils “Travel Lifetime Care” Suite of Corporate Travel Offerings

Ovation Travel Group is taking the wraps off its enhanced "Travel Lifetime Care" (TLC) suite, consisting of its corporate travel offerings that now have added safeguards in the wake of the global pandemic. In addition to travel management and counseling, Ovation’s TLC includes full destination and supplier details at the time of booking, client communications with enhanced COVID-19 details and resources guide, trip alerts and traveler tracking, OTECH Risk Dashboard, Ovation’s new Safety Check, unused ticket tracking and refund management, as well as client webinars, checklists and best practices.

Ovation’s TLC begins at the time of travel planning, carries on throughout the course of the entire trip and concludes with post-trip ticket management. Ovation’s TLC comprises:

Destination and Supplier Details at Point of Sale Now Include COVID-19 Protocols

Ovation’s TLC provides travelers with full supplier, airport and destination information through the pandemic lens, so they understand quarantine protocols and other associated regulations and restrictions that are in place. Additionally, itineraries include relevant COVID-19 links based on destination and supplier usage.

Ovation Client Communications Enhanced With Added COVID-19 Resources

Weekly travel updates and breaking news with the latest business travel news are now further enhanced with COVID-19 traveler health and safety information, supplier protocols and destination advisories and restrictions.

Trip Alerts and Traveler Tracking

Through Ovation’s GOvation mobile app, clients receive automated Trip Alerts that provide up-to-the-minute itinerary information—flight delays, cancellations and changes. These are sent via email, SMS and push notification. Travelers also receive automated Travel Risk Alerts with critical information on everything, from security to weather issues that could impact their specific travel plans. 

Should travelers be impacted by world events, Ovation clients will receive automated Traveler Tracking Alerts outlining specific risks in the destination, along with the list of all affected travelers and their itineraries. Each of these programs now include vital updates should pandemic protocols change.

OTECH Risk Dashboard

One longstanding component of Ovation’s "Duty of Care" is its OTECH Risk offering, an optional 24/7 web-based dashboard tool enabling clients to quickly preview travel, security and weather details by geography. The tool enables clients to easily locate travelers on the road and identify travelers that may be in COVID-19 “hot spots” through its global map interface.

Ovation Safety Check

Ovation is now offering an optional program with its in-house Safety Check that provides travelers with a substantially amplified level of dedicated care throughout their journeys. Beyond industry norms regarding "Duty of Care," Ovation’s Safety Check provides clients with a personalized and ongoing safety check with itinerary-specific information on quarantine requirements and travel restrictions at their destination, as well as health and safety protocols and guidelines for all air, rail, hotel and car booked. Up to and throughout the course of the trip, Ovation Safety Check will confirm if anything has changed regarding the flight (capacity, meals), hotel reservation (in-room dining, face coverings) quarantine and testing requirements and more to give travelers the most up to date information about their trip. Trips are monitored 24/7 with automated risk alerts as world events happen.

Unused Ticket Tracking and Refund Management

Ovation clients have long relied upon Ovation’s management of unused tickets, from tracking and reporting on each client’s overall unused ticket inventory to uncovering opportunities for future credit. By monitoring the data, Ovation provides greater visibility and facilitates timely refunds to clients which is critical in light of the pandemic.

Visit www.ovationtravel.com.

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