Etihad Airways Launches Corporate Conscious Choices

Etihad Airways has launched its sustainability-focused corporate rewards program, designed to facilitate and deliver corporate partner sustainability goals through carbon offsetting, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) investments and green surcharge fares. "Corporate Conscious Choices" focuses on organizations committed to reducing emissions and operating sustainably, with rewards and incentives that support pro-environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives and employee behavior.

The program provides benefits across four core sustainability pillars: SAF Investment, Green Surcharges, Corporate Conscious Miles and Carbon Offsets. Several global organizations have partnered with Etihad to launch the program, including Accenture and CWT—a business travel management company.

Accenture is committed to net-zero emissions by 2025 and is working with clients and partners worldwide to achieve its sustainability ambitions. Accenture is also creating new travel guidelines and tools for its people, enabling them to make climate-smart travel choices and has joined hands with Etihad to implement this sustainable travel initiative.

"Corporate Conscious Choices" has been designed as an open platform that can be adapted to the needs of individual corporations. Rewards and incentivization can be tailored against any of the four core pillars of the program.

SAF Investment: SAF is potentially one of the key components to a sustainable future of air travel, with the potential to reduce up to 80 percent of net carbon emissions throughout its full cycle from production to utilization. Through "Corporate Conscious Choices," partners will have the ability to bulk buy SAF with Etihad, which will be fully accredited and can be used to offset against the company Scope 3 emission requirement.

Green Surcharges: Corporations can opt to have a “green surcharge” added to each corporate travel flight ticket, which will be invested in offset solutions, such as SAF, mangrove planting, re-forestation or community projects in Africa. The surcharge will pay, in full or part, for the emissions created by staff on business travel. These investments will be fully accredited wherever possible to provide the corporation with Scope 3 emission reductions.

Corporate Conscious Miles: When business travelers earn Etihad Guest Miles, the airline will award the miles to their organization as well. Additionally, Corporate Conscious Points can be used to offset corporate travel, everyday activities or purchase sustainable products from the Etihad Guest Reward Shop. Moreover, the airline will reward businesses if their employees make conscious choices as outlined within the Etihad Guest program.

Carbon Offsets: Corporate Conscious Points can be invested in either an Etihad Offset program or a program of the corporation’s choice to offset the emissions produced on every Etihad business travel flight. The Etihad solutions will be accredited where possible and provide a contribution to the corporation’s Scope 3 reduction and additionally Scope 1 reductions for Etihad.

With governmental pressure for corporations to demonstrate and uphold ESG standards, integrating offset schemes within corporations may raise these corporate scores in ESG indices, and Etihad will also work with partners on other ESG initiatives.

"Corporate Conscious Choices" follows the launch of the Etihad Guest Green Loyalty program, Conscious Choices, and rounds out Etihad’s customer sustainability offering to facilitate and incentivize sustainable travel and lifestyle choices.

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